With the latest diagnostic equipment we can diagnose and repair faults to the same level as a main dealer.  


With full live data we can individually monitor sensors for Engine, ABS, Traction Control, Airbag, And Electrical system faults,  Clear fault codes, Diagnose limp home modes, DPF and EGR problems plus many more


Our system also allows us to reset all types of service indicators the same way a main dealer would.  Whether you are on a fixed, variable, mileage, or time based service schedule, we can make sure the service schedules are properly and accuratley reset



Evolution Remapping

Our fully up to date Evolution Chips remapping system allows us to safely update your car or vans ECU to the very latest software from one of the UK's largest vehicle remapping specialists releasing the full potential of your engine.  The benefits of this are


More Horsepower

More Torque

Improved Throttle Response

Smoother Power Delivery

Safer Overtaking

Better Fuel Economy


Many of our local customers and companies have had their turbo diesel cars and vans remapped using the evolution chips method and have reported increased fuel savings, improved towing ability, and a big improvement in torque 


Other options are also available such as EGR deletion, Trouble Code removal, and speed limiter adjustments 



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