• We offer a huge range of tyres from all manufacturers.  Budget, Premium, and performance.  Summer, winter, cross climate, and 4x4 tyres of all sizes Dynamically balanced to ensure comfort and fitted at a time thats convenient for you.  Our specialist tyre fitting machine gives the reassurance that your alloy wheels will not be damaged or scratched while your new tyres are fitted.  Your tyre pressure monitoring system will be reset if required before you leave for hassle free motoring



Tracking and Wheel Alignment

  • Incorrect wheel alignment or ( tracking ) can be one of the biggest factors of uneven and accelerated tyre wear, and poor handling.  With our Supertracker laser alignment system our fully trained staff can offer services from 2 and 4 wheel alignment, camber, and castor adjustments for standard road cars to performance rally and track cars

Motorcycle Tyres

  • Every brand available for every type of motorcycle.  Fitted and balanced by our experienced staff who are themselves motorcycle owners.  You can rest assured your wheels and tyres will be removed and refitted with the upmost care and attention



Puncture Repairs

  • Flat tyre?  We can repair a punctured tyre* while you wait using using industry standard repair methods, ensuring your tyre is safe and legal to continue using and saving you the cost of a new tyre


* Puncture must be in the centre three quarters of the tyre tread and not been driven on while flat.  The tyre must have the legal tread depth requirement



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